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Teaching with Technology Checklist - Questions to Ask

August 6th
1 The best way to teach with digital content Edcanvas
2.Word It Out Another word cloud maker.
3.TalkTyper ( works only with Google Chrome browser) speech to text dictation software in a browser
4.My Story Maker from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh my StoryMaker lets you control characters and
objects -- and it creates sentences for you! Or, you can enter your own words. Once you are done with your story, you can print it out
5.Egg Timer is a simple, easy-to-use online countdown timer

6. The Center for Teaching History with Technology (don't let the title keep you from investigating this site, tools and tips are suitable for all content areas and grade levels)
7. Edudemic's Teacher's Guides to Technology and Learning
8. Video Notes allows you to automatically synchronize notes to a video
9. PDF Escape - allows you to edit and make notations on PDF documents - no logon required
10. Sound and Music Resources gathered by Anne Mosakowski

11. Alice.org
Learn to program in a new and exciting way. Learn ways to use programming to develop Computational Thinking in learners of all ages form as young as 6 years old. Alice is being utilized across the curriculum to develop skills in math, writing, and social studies. A graphical, 3D drag and drop creating environment. Learn the concepts of programming while eliminating the aggravation that comes with learning to write code.

12. Alice Resources at Duke U
Adventures in Alice Programming - Duke University, Durham, NC
Adventures in Alice Programming is a project for integrating the programming language Alice into middle schools and high schools. Includes tons of K-12 materials and lesson plans.

13. More Alice Resources - Oracle
Getting Started With Java Using Alice - This workshop engages students with little or no programming experience to learn basic Java programming concepts. Participants use Carnegie Mellon’s Alice* platform to do something fun – create animated stories, movies and games. By dragging and dropping graphic tiles that contain standard Java programming statements, students develop programs that animate 3D objects. In the process, they learn basic object-oriented programming terminology and concepts such as procedure definition, algorithms, functions and conditional statements.

14. What Learning Will Look Like
Knowledgeworks infographic

15. Computing in the Core - Senate Bill
On July 31, 2013, Senators Robert Casey (D-PA) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced legislation that addresses the urgent need for more computer science education in the country’s K-12 classrooms.

16. Code.org
Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code.

17. WordSift http://www.wordsift.com WordSift was created to help teachers manage the demands of vocabulary and academic language in their text materials. WordSift is a linguistic playground that instantly captures and displays the vocabulary structure of texts, and creates an opportunity to talk and explore the richness and wonders of language.
18. Board 800 http://board800.com Board 800 is an interactive multi-user (shared) whiteboard application. Users can work independently on the pages, and all the pages being accessed are visible to all the users connected to that session.
19. Lingro http//lingro.com Makes words on a web page clickable. When clicked, a definition comes up and words can be saved to a bank.
20. One Word http://www.oneword.com You’ll see one word at the top of the screen. When you click go, you will have sixty seconds to write about it.

20. Piktochart
An online infographic generator. Share and get results in 3 easy steps. No design experience required
21. AR Flashcards
Welcome to a new world of flashcards! AR Flashcards make learning the alphabet fun with the technology of Augmented Reality! Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
22. Shape Collage
Create cool picture collages with your favorite photos!
23. Reading-Rewards.com
A great alternative to paper reading logs, designed to motivate and encourage young readers. Free program includes tools for K-12 teachers to track and reward student reading time
24. You Are Your Words
The American Heritage Dictionary invites you to create a self-portrait using words that tell who you are
25. Photovisi
A site for creating online photo collages. Just select a template, upload photos and drag them into place. No registration required
26. 10 X 10
Every hour, 10x10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time.
27. Problem-Attic
Problem-Attic gives you access to about 85,000 questions from a variety of sources, all for free! Use these questions to easily create your own teaching materials, There are questions for Math, Science, Social Studies and English. Topics correspond to Common Core Standards and PSSA.

28. Postcrossing
A project that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic!) from random places around the world. Join the fun while learning about cultures from around the world!
29. Cite This For Me
Instantly create bibliographies, citations, and works cited lists in the correct format using the APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver or Harvard referencing styles.
30. Jigsaw Planet
Assemble or create virtual jigsaw puzzles with your own photos and images. A great resource for adding variety to routine assignments!

August 7th
Fill out a form and your class will be assigned to a group of four blogs – a Quad. Each Quad has a co-ordinator that ensures a smooth communication process and it’s this co-ordinator that will be in touch. Each cycle lasts 4 weeks with each member of the Quad having one week in the spotlight. During your week in the spotlight as the focus school/class your blog will be visited by the other Quad members and comments left.

2.Qwiki One tap storytelling using your iPhone. Qwiki automatically turns pictures and videos from events you’ve captured on your iPhone into brief, beautiful movies to share. Careful Qwiki picsk the best moments and pacing—then add transitions and a soundtrack.

3. Dennis O'Conner's 21st Century Information Fluency Resources
4. Vocaroo - free online voice recorder
5. R.A.F.T. Writing Prompts
6.Super Teacher Tools - and their new QR Code Island
7. Newspaper Clipping Creator
8. Smore - design beautiful online flyers - there is a basic free educational account
9. Ribbon Hero is a game to learn office needs Windows 7, Vista, or XP, and it only works with Office 2007 or 2010. Also, your Windows display language must be set to English.
10. instaGrok- learning through an interactive visual interface

11. AudioLiterate
A website offering free and paid audiobooks that users can stream online or download to a favorite device(s).
12. Epic Pen
A Windows tool that allows users to draw on their desktop and applications. Easy to use and supports hotkeys!
13. Vanity QR Code Generator
Generate cool qr codes containing customized and colored text!
14. Grammarly
Need an instant grammar check? Then submit your text to this online proofreading tool that scans proper usage of text for grammar, spelling, word choice and style mistakes.
15. Bouncy Balls
Want a new way of keeping your class quiet? Tell them not to make the balls bounce with this cool resource. A great classroom management tool!

18. Pearltrees -- organize your links with visual appeal
19. Mentor Mob -- share with your students the links that you curate; even add a quiz
20. Screencast-o-matic -- screen capture in video; my absolute go-to site!
21. Nearpod -- Present from your iPad and students can interact, not just watch, from their iPads
22 . Socrative -- Student response system that works on laptops, tablets, mobile devices.
23. Goodreads -- an online book club site where you can share your ratings and reviews of books; great for professional development.
24.Technorati -- a search engine specifically for finding bloggers to follow
25. Quip -- allows you to make documents nicely formatted on any device.
26. EduClipper -- Pinterest for schools;
27. emaze -- alternative for Powerpoint; similar to SlideRocket which is now a pay site.
28. maptales -- similar, but easier, to Google maps to plot a story/trip/tour; add photos, text
29. Pinwords -- add text on top of photos easily
30.121Writing -- allows you to give verbal recorded feedback to students on their papers and projects