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ONLINE TEACHING OVERVIEWTerry Morriston and Stevie Kline

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In this cartoon, neither the student nor the teacher understands what an effective online course should contain!Our workshop will help ensure that YOU do understand.

A "hosting and posting” course isn't a quality online course.
Good online teaching requires every element needed in good F2F teaching

Preparing for today's session:

Step 1: Choose a multi-day lesson from your curriculum that you want to use today to as the basis for an online lesson.
Step 2. Go to the Schoology site and create a TEACHER account (Click sign-up).
Step 3. Once the program opens, click the pull down menu by the word COURSES. At the word JOIN, enter the code KZ5KZ-TJGHM .
You should see a course entitled Techapalooza 2013: Section 1.


  • Introduction to Online Learning (Review a Sample Online Lesson)
  • Introduction to the Essential Elements of an Online Lesson
  • Activity: Design Your Own Online Lesson (Plan on 'paper' and then transfer to an LMS)
  • Review Online Lessons/Courses (if time permits): Blended Schools, Open Courseware

Additional Resources

Online Lesson Plan

Presentation on Online Lesson Plan