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Instructor: Jordan Lozosky


Welcome to Techapalooza 2013: Sharing Social Studies Tools, Sites and Resources Session!
IU1 Primary Sources Wikispace <--This wiki was designed to provide educators across all content areas with unique and engaging strategies on how to use primary sources in the classroom to enhance learning.

CK-12 Flex Books
CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce the cost of textbook materials for the K-12 market both in the U.S. and worldwide. Using an open-content, web-based collaborative model termed the "FlexBook," CK-12 intends to pioneer the generation and distribution of high quality educational content that will serve both as core text as well as provide an adaptive environment for learning through the FlexBook Platform™.

Helpful Social Studies Links and Resources:

Digital History <--Digital History uses the newest technologies to enhance teaching and learning. A great interactive site!

The USA Quiz <--Students can use this site to test their geography skills of locations throughout the United States.

History Channel Website <-- Awesome resource packed with speeches, videos, television programs, documentaries, biographies, games, timelines, maps, projects, and interactive activities.

Library of Congress <--The Library of Congress has lessons, activities, primary sources, speeches, "American Memory," blogs, podcasts and the "Ask a Librarian" feature which is an online reference center.

History Matters <-- Designed for high school and college teachers and students,History Matters serves as a gateway to web resources and offers
other useful materials for teaching U.S. history.

Shmoop US History <--Shmop's website/database offers big picture analysis, crictical people, brain snack, key quotes, and summaries of events from American History from 1450-present day. Shmoop serves as an outstanding resource!

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust <--One stop shop for Holocaust resources: primary documents, photo galleries, maps, movies, museums, music, plays, quizzes, glossaries, and more!

US Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Resources <-- An amazing resource for teachers that gives lessons, resources, materials, personal stories, ID cards of victims and contemporary instances of genocide and anti-semitism.

WWII + Holocaust Resources <--Contains teacher and student resources of every aspect of WWII (The rise of fascism, Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the Pacific Front, the Western Front, the Eastern Front, US Home Life, Peace Plans, the Atomic Bomb, Propaganda and more!).

TimeSpace: World <-- TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. Discover news hot-spots where coverage is clustered. Use the timeline to illustrate peaks in coverage, and customize your news searches to a particular day or specific hour.

Newseum <--Offers daily front page news from every country in the world! A great way to see and compare other nations point of view on current events. It also has archived newspapers, videos, events and games for you and your students!

Newsmap<--Constant updated world, national, business, technology, sports, and entertainment news in English and 10+ other languages.

Geography IQ Challenge <--Challenge your own and students knowledge of geography through this fun and interactive game! You can choose to test your knowledge of the World, USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, North America, World Cities and more. Check this one out for sure!

Geography Interactives <-- Offers four activities for learning about the geography of the United States. Learning Together also offers a game about world geography and a game about European geography and the European Union.

SchoolHistory.com <--Online history lessons, revision, games, worksheets, quizzes and links.

Interactive Atlas A great tool to bring an atlas to life for you and your students!

History Learning Site & Database <--This link covers Ancient Rome, Medieval England, Tudor/Stuart England, Britain 1700-1900, WWI, WWII, Nazi Germany, Inventions of the 21st century, Modern history, and much much more! A great research and database source.

"History on the Net" <-- Great informational source that includes lessons, activities, research, worksheets, games, quizzes, picture galleries, timelines, and historical dictionaries.

National Geographic Historical Resources <--Very thorough resource link that offers video, photos, news, new discoveries and mysteries of the ancient world.

American History Resources <-- This resource will arbitrarily start with selected American History sites, before broadening out to explore world history via internet sites by and about other nations. Every effort is made to suggest useful sites with the full realization that there will always be both opposing historical viewpoints and an enormously large body of ever changing information out there. It will always remain the responsibility of the reader to decide and evaluate who has the better historical argument at any site.

The American Presidency Project <-- Must see resource when teaching American politics and Presidents. The site cotains over 85,000 documents related to the Presidency: including audio and video resources, media links and primary documents.

JFK Presidential Library & Museum <-- Offers teacher and student resources including real audio of JFK, biographies, images, professional development, civil rights movement materials and White House diaries. Outstanding for any American History teacher.